Transform Your Enterprise Multicloud Journey throughCLOUZY, Elevate your Business Operations with YES And Automate Your CI/CD & Infra provisioning through DEVOZY

We Yozy provides professional service with inlying agile delivery tool, profitable enterprise execution and melioration through IT Service Management Tool.


What We Do

As an eccentric IT consulting company in the market, we empower businesses and enterprises of all sizes to achieve digital agility without draining their resources. Our products and services are built around this core principle to maximize the tech ROI of your organization.

A purely business-centric take on enterprises that transforms the multiple facets of an enterprise to be adaptive and responsive in a fast-paced market. With our enterprise solutions, we achieve maximum internal optimization to fuel the efficiency of the infrastructure.

Implementation and support service helps to configure your platform, map your processes, migrate data and enhance existing functionalities through our technological support resources.

Leveraging influential pieces of technology to forge functional yet aesthetic mobile and web applications, our app solutions bring maximum accessibility to the table. From streamlining business operations to connecting with your customers, our developers pave the way for greater digital connectivity.

We bring maximum agility to your product development strategy, enabling you to leverage multi-contextual data to build a high-performance product. Also, by enhancing the multiple steps in the process, like designing, development, prototyping, etc., we ensure the reliability of your product.

Being cloud positive is an important factor for the success of a business in the digital age. Our cloud migration services accelerate the digital transformation process for your organization while bringing maximum flexibility and accessibility into the picture.

A popular approach in software development, we leverage microservices to better synchronize your business side with the tech side to deploy efficient software products faster. By fragmenting one huge complex process into multiple modules, the scope for optimizing is even greater than the traditional methods.

Cloud-native best capitalizes on the full potential of cloud technology, allowing an organization to be more resilient and flexible in their digital journey. Our modern take on cloud-native allows enterprises to build, deploy, and distribute software applications across various platforms.

Being one of the hottest technology and business trends in the market, our e-commerce solutions help brands of all sizes and nature simplify their overall operations and connect with their audience more efficiently. Our end-to-end ecommerce solutions put technology at its core, allowing maximum accessibility.

We help enterprises to leverage Big Data to extract valuable insights regarding their various operations. Our Big Data strategy puts businesses a mile ahead of their competitors by bringing in data of various dimensions, ultimately creating the most competent decision-making bodies in the market.


With our dynamic team of designers, developers, and industry experts, we catalyze change within your organization to get you to your goal fast. Built on professionalism and sharing the passion for tech innovations, we are the perfect cocktail of a modern digital transformation company that unlocks the potential of your infrastructure

Business-friendly, Cost-effective

We understand the pressure that mounts upon the business in a competitive market, and we are here to help you take that load off by leveraging technology. Needless today, our solutions are cost-effective and ensure maximum return on investment.


A tech
positive vision

Our vision is to enable and accelerate our market to achieve maximum tech compatibility and elevate businesses to instill the values of innovation and customer-centricity in their organizations.



With an energetic team of professionals, diverse market experience, a bigger-than-life vision, and state-of-the-art products and services, we are reliable! We prioritize security and help your organization scale at different dimensions.



We partner with the pioneers of the tech market to strike the perfect balance between quality and acceleration. Our partners include SalesForce, RedHat, Google Cloud, and many other companies that share our vision for the greater good.



Our employees share our passion and curiosity for technology, creating the awesome-st workplace environment one could ever imagine. We focus on keeping our employees happy-making them self-motivated, innovative, and efficient!



We strongly believe that making clients happy is a simple process. All you've gotta do is follow a transparent business process, empathize with the client, deliver what's promised, and consider time as a key resource! After all, we are a business, too!

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