Our In-house products help transform your Enterprise Multi-cloud journey throughCLOUZY, elevate your business operations with YES And automate your CI/CD & Infra provisioning through DEVOZY

We YOZY provide professional IT consulting & services and specialize in Cloud, DevOps & Cyber Security areas. Our main services include software product & application development, production operations support using in-house Agile delivery, ITSM tools.



With our dynamic team of consultants, engineers and industry experts, we catalyze change within your organization to get you to acheive your goal fast. Built on professionalism and sharing the passion for tech innovations, we are the perfect cocktail of a modern digital transformation company that unlocks the potential of your Business.

Business-friendly, Cost-effective

We understand the pressure that mounts upon the business in a competitive market, and we are here to help you take that load off by leveraging technology. Needless today, our solutions are cost-effective and ensure maximum return on investment.


A tech
positive vision

Our vision is to enable and accelerate our market to achieve maximum tech compatibility and elevate businesses to instill the values of innovation and customer-centricity in their organizations.



With an energetic team of professionals, diverse market experience, a bigger-than-life vision, and state-of-the-art products and services, we are reliable! We prioritize security and help your organization scale at different dimensions.



We partner with the pioneers of the tech market to strike the perfect balance between quality and acceleration. Our partners include SalesForce, RedHat, Google Cloud, and many other companies that share our vision for the greater good.



Our employees share our passion and curiosity for technology, creating the awesome-st workplace environment one could ever imagine. We focus on keeping our employees happy-making them self-motivated, innovative, and efficient!



We strongly believe that making clients happy is a simple process. All you've gotta do is follow a transparent business process, empathize with the client, deliver what's promised, and consider time as a key resource! After all, we are a business, too!

What We Do

As an eccentric IT consulting & services company in the market, we empower businesses and enterprises of all sizes to achieve digital agility without draining their resources. Our products and services are built around this & core principles to maximize the tech ROI of your organization.

with more than 18+ years of experience in Engineering Enterprises level solutions across multiple industries, that is technologically very niche & advanced using latest programming languages, frameworks (microservices) and tools popular in current IT marketplace. In latest development of public cloud and cloud native services, we help our client to engineer systems, which are highly reliable, scalable, secure to handle high volume of requests / users leveraging cloud services. Our expertise are having broad knowledge in industry leading solutions such as Cloud, DevOps, Big data, Analytics, Reactive APIs, Microservices, E-commerce.

From discovery phase to design, development we help our client to engineer product & application development using latest digital technologies in the market. In order to support the project execution in Agile delivery model, Yozy’s Nextgen DevSecOps accelerator SaaS platform (DEVOZY) to build CICD pipes, security code scans in few hours and deploy in your preferred cloud platform. And Yozy’s in-house Agile tool is to track the sprints, stories and generate Agile reports. These tools are free* for our customers to expedite the software delivery for faster time to market & realise ROI in much more earlier than traditional approaches.

Our area of expertise is not only to develop applications and products and leave them with customer. After the project is live, our team will line up a squad to support your production environment & setup monitoring & alerting, incident queue, dedicated mail box, support phone. Yozy’s in-house ITSM tool to support of ITIL functions (Incident, Service Requests, Problem management) for L2, L3 teams to collaborate with Client end users & stakeholders. Our L1, L2 support teams provide support end to end following stringent SLAs and drive major incidents, wide impact issues. Continues improvement & automation is part of our support operations.

Our Nextgen DevSecOps accelerator SaaS platform (DEVOZY) is an Enterprise Cloud & DevSecOps platform comes with integrated readymade platform, which gives immediate access to provision project environments, CI/CD pipelines, to perform code scans & testing, build, containerize and orchestrate them either in on-prem, cloud, cloud native even across multi-clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) in fewer clicks. It helps Enterprises to get started with DevSecOps automations & Cloud journey in much simpler way and generate quick wins without months of overhead & investment. Also our DevOps expertise can fulfill your custom requirements in DevOps implementation.

Our Nextgen Multi-Cloud brokerage & workload migration SaaS platform (CLOUZY) is an Enterprise Multi-Cloud platform comes with readymade automations, gives you immediate access to provision virtual machines, databases, storage, container services (both cloud, cloud native services) across multi-clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure) in fewer clicks. To get started with their Multi-Cloud journey in much simpler way and generate quick wins without months of overhead & investment. Also it helps to migrate workloads from cloud to cloud or on-premise to cloud. Our other cloud services includes cloud adoption, cloud cost optimization, greenfield cloud migration and your custom cloud requirements.

Technology we use, but open to explore new as well

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